Head Pressure Control Valve Temperature Control Valve

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A 3-way valve may be used on cold water chiller systems so flow can be diverted from going through the heat exchanger when not required. However, this type of valve requires more components to function, it has several advantages. So, if your application needs accurate temperature control, this method is the best option. Second, unlike a thermostatic valve, the actuated control valve permits flexible adjustments to the temperature range as operating conditions change. The temperature regulator is actuated by a mechanical temperature gauge. Due to the thermal expansion properties of the material, it swells as the temperature rises.
This is a Suit and Cabin Temperature Control Valve used in the Gemini program. There is no indication that this valve was ever flown in space and it was probably used for testing. This action eliminates the building up of temperature in circulating systems at times when little or no hot water is being used. The HOLBY TEMPERING VALVE is also used in regulating temperatures of engines, heating systems, compressors, cooling towers, processing machinery, and many other applications.
The Jordan Valve Mark 80 Series is completely self-operated and requires no external power source or other expensive instrumentation to operate the valve. A great deal of research has gone into the development of Mark 80 seal welded actuator to provide the most precise control. Combined with the Jordan Valve sliding gate valve technology, the Mark 80 temperature regulator delivers excellent control. If the set point needs modifying, it is field adjustable, and the temperature range can be changed without taking the valve out of the line. The temperature control valve operates on a mechanical temperature measuring instrument.
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Typically the full ball is used for on/off service but these can also be used for modulating service. The segmented ball valve was originally designed for control of slurry flows. The cost of these valves falls between that of the butterfly and globe valves.
The superior flow characteristics of these valves provide accurate temperature control to the requirements of ASSE 1017 across the rated flow range. As an added feature, the LF1170, LFL1170 series incorporates integral check valves and filter washers in both the hot and cold-water inlets to protect against cross flow. These valves also provide additional safety as they restrict mixed water out to a drip upon loss of cold-water supply to the valve. When the Sensing Bulb is mounted remotely from the actual point of heating the Circulation Pump MUST continue to run so that the sensing bulb can sample the product temperature in the heat exchanger.