How a Temperature Control Valve Works ~ Learning Instrumentation And Control Engineering

Mixing a cold and hot process fluid for controlling the temperature of the hot process fluid. Current control signals are converted into pneumatic equivalents by electro-pneumatic valve positioners. This device ensures that the valve has been opened to the desired degree. Positioners have the function of delivering pressurized air to the valve actuator to set the valve’s stem or shaft corresponding to a set point in the control system.
The δP limit for liquids is up to 500psi and steam is up to 300psi. Please consult the factory or your distributor for information on control valve sizing and pressure drop limitations. Motor control valves with extreme accuracy, high turndown ratios and repeatability. For chemical injection, dosing, pilot plants research labs, and skid builders. Both thermostatic and actuated valves behave the same function for mixing fluids of different temperatures. And for diverting van điều khiển to a cooler, heat exchanger, or radiator.
Straight forward and easy to understand training materials covering the most important concepts in valve automation. These allow us to mount the valves based on the existing pipelines. The temperature sensors such as RTD and Thermocouple operate on different working principles such as thermal expansion property or see back, Peltier, or Thomson effect. Understanding the valve structure is the most important concept. Reduced installation and calibration costs for loop commissioning.
The actuators in this case are 24V electric actuators with spring return. Like pneumatic actuators, they return to their normal position when 24V power is removed via the interlock to the current relay indicating fan status. The logic panel also controls the economizer, sequencing it ahead of the chilled water valve.
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