Motorized control valves and actuators

Bray delivers proven solutions, reducing your downtime and improving productivity. Don’t always assume the valve you are replacing was originally specified correctly. Control boxes are available for a variety of local control options, such as local/remote open-off-close and jogging control. NEMA 4 housings are used as standard, but other housings are available upon request.
Widely used in applications such as petroleum, chemical, water treatment, ship, paper, power stations, heating supply, building automation, light industry, etc. Ball valves use motors to rotate a ball with a hole in the center to control flow. When the hole is in line with the flow, the valve is fully open, and when it is turned perpendicular to the flow, it is closed. Most electric ball valves don’t require power to hold position like solenoid valves.
When considering control performance in a modern process plant, it is easy to get confused by the complexity of it all. The control system is usually the part plant owners concentrate on most. However, one should not forget that the last control element – the control valve – sets the baseline for accurate control. Many requirements for our products come from international standards and from customer specifications. The standards and specifications usually require demanding tests and a deep understanding of related issues.
Flexible mounting to rotary or linear actuator is made easy with the “quick connect” couplings. The most widely used design of piston actuators are those providing 90-degree rotational drives to quarter turn valves. Almost all hydraulic actuator designs use a piston rather than a diaphragm to convert fluid pressure into mechanical force.
These Mokveld anti-surge valves protect the subsea compressor by opening in less than 2 seconds. Most manufacturers of electric valve actuators offer NEMA VII-compliant versions of their standard products to meet the requirements for hazardous applications. In some cases, a more cost-effective option is to use electric controls with pneumatic valve actuators. However, when feasible, pneumatic actuators are generally the safer and more practical choice.
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